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In Africa, a couple of things unite us. We thought of three, our music, our rhythm, and our roots we want to explore that in our game Riziki. 

"Riziki" is a mobile-first rhythm game celebrating African dance and music culture. Players embody the Mzito guided by the spirit Riziki and must unite Africa by mastering music from all over the continent.

Why should you play Riziki?

  • Immersive Cultural Celebration: "Riziki" offers a unique blend of entertainment and cultural exploration. Experience the diverse ways African music is expressed and celebrated on the continent.

  • Diverse Music:  Enjoy a diverse selection of African music. Our goal is to be the game with the largest catalogue of African music.

  • Customisation: Our players can customise their characters with skins and dance moves inspired by their favourite artists.

Target Platform  -   Short term: Mobile first

                                           Long Term: PC, Xbox  

Project State: In development 

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